Since the puns have been rolling through, Yo Crackers have made greeting cards that will make you LOL. From Maura's "Tink" card, to Anton's butt, we've had the whole of Instagram screaming.

This Maura "Tink" card is perfect for that friend who wants to shy away from their birthday. Hit them with the perfect surprise! Even better if they watch Love Island or just a Maura fan. However, if you think they are the type to get Fanny Flutters, then we've got a Maura card for that too.

Michael Griffiths may have left the Love Island villa, but his childish games will never be forgotten. From moving on from Amber to Joanna, to trying to get back with Amber! This memeable character

has made us laugh throughout this series and we couldn't let him leave without creating a "Chaldish" Yo Crackers card.

Can they just crown him already? The king of the villa, Ovie Soko has been one of the warmest cast members Love Island has had. Not only has his good looks charmed the audience, but his funny puns and dance moves have made him a key islander. Hearing the islanders say "I got a text" without hearing Ovie saying "Message" will never be the same again. Buy his "Message" card and "Message" birthday card for a pal today.

Amber Gill has had her ups and downs in the Villa, but she's become one of the favourites to win. Her say it how it is attitude and funny one liners have made her a very memorable character. When Amber came back from Casa Amour, her heart was crushed when her partner, Michael had coupled up with new girl, Joanna. Her instant reaction was that she was a "dead ting" and it didn't go down well in the villa. To make it up to Joanna, here's our "You're not a dead ting" card.

Only real Love Island fans will get these cards! Find the whole greeting card collection here.

Instagram can't get enough of our cards

September 23, 2020 — admin